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"Life is a daring adventure,
or nothing at all."
                                    Helen Keller

Cloncurry Oral History Audio Tour


Take a tour around Cloncurry as locals give you an oral history of the town.  From dancing in the Shire Hall to Rodeo and Campdrafting at the Equestrian Centre, via the impact of immigrant communities on Cloncurry. Listen to the stories of "The Curry", past and present, told by those who have lived here.

Monsoonal Trough


To remember the Monsoonal Flood Event of 2019 a series of installations were completed around Cloncurry.

Visit them and watch how they were created by the Zookeeper.

Signage Tour of Cloncurry


Cloncurry's history is as rich and varied as its landscape, and there is no better way to explore than to take this tour.  All around the town, there are signs that act as storyboards near sites of historical significance. 

Take a journey through the shire's history and immerse yourself in stories of the

Cloncurry's Outback.

Mary Kathleen Mine


Take a trip just out of town to see the remains of the once-bustling mining community of the region. 

While the buildings have been removed, the concrete foundations mean you can walk the streets and imagine what life was like there

100 years ago. 

Travel a little further to see the huge open-cut mine and vivid turquoise waters below. Great for posting a picture with the caption, 

"Wish You Were Here in the Curry"!

Cloncurry Cemeteries


Visit our historic cemeteries and learn more about

the shire's history, with interpretive signs to tell you about those who rest here.

Swimming Pool

pool 2.jpg

It's hot. 

Swimming Pool. 


Enough said.

Chinaman Creek Dam


Less than 5 minutes from the centre of town,

it's a great place to take a walk, take a swim,

or paddle yourself around the cool water's edge! 

Bob McDonald Library

B M Library.jpg

The library holds a large selection of books for almost anyone's favourite genre. From baby board books to YA and adult fiction and non-fiction, our library also has audiobooks available on CD or MP3.

Looking for more light reading? There are a variety of magazines, newspapers information about the local history, too.

There is also free access to the internet, Microsoft Office, and

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