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Cloncurry Cemetery

Historic Gravesites

The Cloncurry Shire is home to a myriad of cemeteries, from those within the Cloncurry borders and surrounds, to those abandoned mining townships within the Shire. Historical records show that some of the earliest graves located in the Cloncurry Shire are from 1867 when Cloncurry's founding father, Ernest Henry, discovered copper in the area.

Dame Mary Gilmore, Matron Florence Clark and Sister Maude Gilbert (the only female nurse to die working for the Inland Mission) rest here, as well as one corner dedicated to those Afghan Cameleers who passed away while in the shire.

All of the graves face East to West, with the exception of the Cameleers who lie North to South so their faces look to Mecca.

Ernest Henry Road
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