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Interpretative Sign Tour

Cloncurry is a rich blend of authentic history and modern-day experiences.
Visit local attractions and explore the legends, characters, colourful tales, and rich landscapes of this fascinating area.

A Heritage Tour of Cloncurry

Cloncurry Unearthed.jpg


Cloncurry Unearthed Museum -A museum sharing
Cloncurry's history

Open 7 days a week, visitors receive travel advice from the friendly staff in airconditioned comfort. Dig into the past to discover Cloncurry's rich history and see one of the largest gems and

mineral collections. 


Mary Kathleen Park Outdoor Park Museum

Explore the shaded parklands and outdoor machinery display at Mary Kathleen Park, with free electric barbeques, playground and public amenities.

Mark Kathleen Memorial Park - Outdoor Museum.jpg


John Flynn Place Museum & Art Gallery.jpg

John Flynn Place - A museum paying tribute to John Flynn,
Founder of the RFDS

Dedicated to Rev. John Flynn, founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, this exhibition reflects the conditions of outback life at the turn of the century and includes personal memorabilia and photographs of Flynn himself.

John Flynn Place is also the site of the Royal Flying Doctor Service Museum, Fred McKay Art Gallery, Cloncurry Gardens, and the Allen Vickers Outdoor Theatre


Mining Beginnings

Explore the start of the mining boom with the early Australian explorers, and learn about their challenges, hardships, and success.

Copper mining in Cloncurry, 1909.jpeg
Cattle Saleyards 2.jpg


Pastoral Beginnings

Cloncurry began its boom as a mining town, today the area is rich with livestock and thousands of hectares of pastoral land.  


Robertson Park

Beef production is an integral part of Cloncurry, and to commemorate this, a statue of the white Brahman bull looks over the park as a tribute to their part in the shire's development.

braham statue.png
old site of hotel.jpg


Site of Cosmopolitan Hotel

Here you'll see the site of the original Cosmopolitan Hotel where many a story has been told.


The Cloncurry Country Women's Association

Being a member of the CWA community in Cloncurry encourages and facilitates women to become active and engaging members within our much-loved Cloncurry community.

CWA 3.jpg
ww2 central.jpg


Overview of Cloncurry's History

Here you'll be at the centre of town and able to see and read about the overall significance of the town from yesteryear through today.


Cloncurry Aviation History

Cloncurry's aviation history is as vast and important as the land below its airports. From being the birthplace of the Royal Flying Doctors to the destination of QANTAS's first flight, you'll see why Cloncurry prides itself as one of Australia's

aviation innovators.

Cattle 2.jpg


Cloncurry Agriculture History 

The local agricultural industry owes its humble beginnings to three courageous pioneers in the 1860s. Learn more of how their efforts have helped shape the Cloncurry shire of today.


Cloncurry Mining History

In May 1867, Ernest Henry came to the area looking for pastoral lands, but instead, he discovered copper and named the area "The Great Australia Mine".

Copper mining in Cloncurry, 1909.jpeg
Florence Clark Park - Offical opening 13.10.2020-8664.jpg


Florance Clark Park

This brand-new, state-of-the-art facility includes a water park, BBQs, playground, skate facility, civic stage, and a series of arbor structures they help tell the story

of Cloncurry's history and key landmarks.


Tribute to Charlotte Ellen Scott
- A dedicated member of Cloncurry CWA Branch

As a fitting tribute to the late CWA member,

Charlotte Ellen Scott, a dedicated building and area have been built as a children's care centre. It also provides a meeting space for women when they come into town for errands, go to the doctor, or just want to catch up with friends.

Charlotte Ellen Scott.jpeg
shire hall.jpg


Cloncurry Shire Hall

If a town has a heart, this is where Cloncurry's is based. The Cloncurry Shire Hall hosts groups of all ages throughout the year.


Site of the former
School of Arts

Step back in time and learn about the creativity and dancing that once happened here. 

arts school.png
Cloncurry Courthouse 2.jpg


Cloncurry District Courthouse

This heritage-listed building was built in 1898. The first sitting of the new court took place in 1900. It was the circuit court center and mining warden's court until 1963, then restored in 1977.


The Central Hotel

Originally located on the southern corner of this block, it was destroyed by fire in the early 1900s. Thankfully, this hotel was rebuilt in its current location in 1910. 

Central Hotel.jpg


Cloncurry War Memorial

The Cloncurry War Memorial was originally erected to commemorate those from the district who served in World War One and was unveiled by Governor-General Lord Stonehaven on 26 August 1927. The roll of honour for those who served in WWII was added at a later date.


Cloncurry Post Office

The Post Office was first built on this site in 1889.

Cloncurry was first designated as a Country Post Office in 1871, a Money Order Office in 1883, and an official Electric Telegraph station the same year. The current building was built in 1906.

Cloncurry Post Office - Historic Building.jpg
Chinese Cemetery.jpg


Chinese  Cemetary

The discovery of copper and gold in the area attracted many people to Cloncurry, including Chinese miners, market gardeners, and merchants. Today the Chinese Cemetery is a tribute to their great contribution to

the town. 


Prince of Wales Hotel
(Now the Wagon Wheel)

Previously operating as the Prince of Wales Hotel (which closed in 1974), it later opened as the Wagon Wheel Restaurant. It remains the oldest liquor license premises in North West Queensland, and memorabilia is on display in the Historic Inn. 

outside wagon wheel.jpg


Cloncurry District Cemetery


The resting place of many Cloncurry Pioneers, some of the early graves date back to the 1880s. This includes Cloncurry's first school teacher, Mary Allen, who died in 1899, as well as Dame Mary Gilmore D.B.E.

This cemetery also includes the Afghan section as a reminder of the brave Cameleers who, in the late 1800s, arrived in Australia with their dromedaries. Their purpose was the transporting of minerals and other resources, otherwise unobtainable, across Australia. Some headstones point to Mecca.


Cloncurry Cattle Yards

Along with the rich mineral mining history of the area, livestock was and still is, an important industry for

this shire.




The Original QANTAS  Hangar

An original QANTAS hangar is still in use today. A sign proclaiming the company's original name, "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service" is still displayed above the hanger door.

A number of fascinating monuments commemorate the wide and various air activates that have taken place here over the years.


Chinaman Creek Dam & Lookout

Just 3kms from town, enjoy a relaxing picnic by the water while gazing upon Mount Leviathan - known to the locals as a "black mountain" because of its black ore. 

It's also a favourite vantage point to look across Cloncurry River to the town. It is also known as the best spot to experience the sunrise behind Cloncurry.

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