At the end of the gentle bend in the ochre red road, lies a tiny outback town with a regal name.

The town’s delightfully royal name was given to it by local pastoralist Alexander Kennedy. The name ‘Duchess’ referred to an Aboriginal woman who had turned up unexpectedly at Kennedy’s homestead. She was said to be the mistress of an English aristocrat often referred to as ‘The Duke’.

When phosphate was discovered in the 1960’s, Duchess continued to grow on the back of mining with enough people residing in town to warrant a school. The school remained open until 1983.

The old Duchess Mine and lime quarry was a driving force behind this mining community.

Today, its most popular attraction is The Thirsty Camel Duchess Hotel where stories flow just as well as the beers. From the verandah of the local pub, watch as trains run past the edge of the town.

Interesting fact

Pastoralist Alexander Kennedy was the first person to discover the unique green ore (copper) that Duchess is known for. He was also the only passenger on Qantas’ first passenger and mail flight.