Wet Season 

Our outback summers are very hot; however, they are a dry heat and most find this more bearable than the humidity on the coast. We do get some cracker storms during summer and road closures can occur. Our visitors are reminded to remain vigilant and be aware of conditions to ensure their safety. Road conditions can change quickly. Our “wet season” goes from November to March.

  • The hottest month of the year in Cloncurry is December, with an average high of 37°C and low of 24°C.
  • February is the wettest month. Cloncurry’s annual average rainfall is approximately 482mm.

Dry Season

From April to October is what is known as “Dry Season” and more manageable temperatures occur during these months. Because of this reason, we see most of our visitors during this time. It can get cold here, so if visiting during the middle of the year, best to pack some warm clothes and bedding.

  • The coldest month of the year in Cloncurry is July, with an average low of 10°C and high of 25°C.

Weather Warnings

Keep up to date with local weather warnings on the Cloncurry Dashboard. Its display is synced with BOM, so all local weather warnings will be shared on the Dashboard.

Cloncurry Dashboard